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Unit Word of Life for Young teens (12-14 years)
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Word of Life for High School (15-16 years)
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Word of Life for Young Adults (17-18 years)
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Word of Life for Adults (18+)
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WORD Authority of Bible OT Survey NT Survey Christian Apologetics
CHRIST Salvation Discipleship Missions Gift Based Ministry
CHURCH Church Doctrines Early Church History Church History Pentecostal Movement
LIVING Christian Living Spiritual Warfare Christian Virtues Marriage

SSNI Lessons Table of Contents

Word of Life for Young teens Word of Life for High School Word of Life for Young Adults Word of Life for Adults
(12-14 years) (15-16 years) (17-18 years) (18+ years)
Unit I. Word Series Unit I. Old Testament Series Unit I. New Testament Series Unit I. Christian Apologetics
1.An Introduction to the Bible 1.An Introduction to the Old Testament 1. Introduction to the New Testament 1. Introduction to Christian Apologetics
2.How We Got the Bible in its Present Form 2.Creation and the Calling of  a Family 2. Christ in the Gospels – Part I 2. Apologetics: Clarifying the Concepts
3.The Authority and Infallibility of the Bible 3.The Birth of a Nation 3. Christ in the Gospels – Part II 3. New Testament Examples of Apologetics
4.The Bible and Science 4.Wandering, Conquest, and Settlement 4. Book of Acts: The Early Church 4. Apologists throughout History
5.The Bible and End Times 5.The Period of Judges 5. Epistle of Paul to Churches – Part I 5. The Existence of God
6.The Commandments of God 6.The Period of Kings 6. Epistle of Paul to Churches – Part II 6. Science and the Bible
7.The Promises of God 7.The Period of Exile 7. Epistle of Paul to Churches – Part III 7. The Problem of Evil
8.God’s Plan for Mankind 8.The Period of Return 8. Epistle of Paul to Individuals 8. Non-Biblical Views: Universalism and Pluralism
9.The Message of the Bible 9.Jesus Christ in the Old Testament 9. General Epistles – Part I 9. Responding to Contemporary Social Issues
  10.Summary of the Old Testament 10. General Epistles – Part II 10. Becoming an Effective Apologist
    11. What Happens Hereafter? (Revelation)  
Unit II. Christ Series Unit II. Discipleship Series Unit II.Missions Unit II. Holy Spirit and Gift Based Ministry
1. Christ in the Old Testament 1. An Introduction to Discipleship  1. Introduction to Missions 1. The Holy Spirit – The Third Person of the Trinity
2. The Unique Birth of Jesus 2. Becoming a Disciple 2. The Biblical Basis of Missions 2. Work of the Holy Spirit – Part I
3. Repentance 3. The Cost of Discipleship 3. The Lord Jesus Christ – His Mission and Message 3. Work of the Holy Spirit – Part II
4. Acceptance 4. The Model of Discipleship 4. Church and Missions (Historical Perspective) 4. Fruit of the Spirit
5. Destiny 5. The Keys to Successful Discipleship 5. Holistic Mission 5. Grieving the Holy Spirit
6. Making a Difference 6. The Evidence of Discipleship 6. Characteristics of Missionaries 6. Gifts of the Spirit
  7. Servant Discipleship 7. The Life of Jim Elliot 7. Ministry Gifts
  8. Let's Practice Discipleship 8. Characteristics of a Missionary Church 8. Motivational Gifts
    9. Challenges of Moderns Missions 9. Charismatic Gifts – Part I
    10. Preparing for Missions 10. Charismatic Gifts – Part II
Unit III. Church Series Unit III. The Early Church Unit III.Church History Series Unit III. Modern Pentecostal Movement
1. Church 1. Introduction to Early Church History 1. Early Heresies and the Apologists 1. Christianity through the Centuries - Part I
2. Fellowship 2. Beginning of the Church  2. Development of the Canon and the Great Councils 2. Christianity through the Centuries - Part II
3. Key Christian Doctrines 3. The Church in Jerusalem 3. Augustine and Other Important Church Fathers 3. Christianity through the Centuries - Part III
4. Praise and Worship 4. The First Christian Martyr 4. The Holy Roman Empire and the Popes 4. The Seven Churches of Revelation
5. Water Baptism 5. Persecution of the Church 5. The Monastic and Friar Movements 5. The Welsh and Azusa Street Revivals
6. The Lord's Table 6. Gospel to the Gentiles 6. The Reformation and Counter-Reformation 6. Pentecostal Movements in India
7. The Holy Spirit 7. The Conversion of Saul 7. Revival in America and England 7. Movements Shaping the Modern Era
8. Healing 8. Paul's First Missionary Journey 8. Liberalism and Higher Criticism 8. Pentecostal Theological Distinctives
9. Mission of the Church  9. Paul's Second Missionary Journey 9. Pentecostalism and Modern Churches 9. Holy Spirit through the Bible and Today
  10. Paul's Third Missionary Journey    10. The Emerging Church
Unit IV. Living Series Unit IV. Spiritual Warfare Unit IV. Christian Disciplines and Virtues Unit IV. Christian Marriage and Family
1. You Belong to God 1. Introduction to Spiritual Warfare 1. Self Control 1. Marriage: An Introduction
2. Fearing God  2. Who is Our Enemy? 2. Stewardship 2. The Foundation of Christian Marriage and Family
3. Understanding our Parents 3. Strategies of the Enemy 3. Forgiveness 3. The Marriage Vow: Covenant and Commitment
4. Respecting Godly Leaders 4. Knowing Ourselves and the Weapons of Battle 4. Obedience 4. Marriage and Family
5. Friendships 5. Prayer and Walking in Spirit 5. Love 5. How to Choose your Spouse?
6. Decisions - Right and Wrong 6. Studying the Word of God 6. Finding God's Will 6. Pre-marital Purity: Dating vs. Courtship
7. Don't Compromise - No Matter What! 7. The Battle of the Mind 7. Spirit Filled Life 7. Divorce: Not an Option
8. Dealing With the Internet  8. Weapons of Spiritual Warfare 8. Quiet Time 8. Family: Roles, Responsibilities and Resolution
    9. Overcoming Backsliding 9. Role of Premarital Counseling
    10. Overcoming Temptation 10. Marriage and Today’s Challenges
      11. Keys for Successful Marriage

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