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"It has been my privilege to be affiliated with this organization, being active in the training of teachers through their regional and national conferences. I have also been an advisor to the Board of SSNI on curriculum matters. I trust that the leaders of our community will do all they can to promote this effort. The list of curriculum writers involved in this project is impressive. The Keralite community is blessed to have such an outstanding group of men and women to contribute to this work. One can easily see that they have taken the time to develop the lessons in an age-appropriate way and user-friendly way. I am impressed with the quality of this first volume. The word of God is the focus of the Word Series"
Dr. Thomson K. Mathew, Dean, School of Theology and Missions, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"I had the privilege of contributing to the first volume, and I consider it a great honor to serve as a consultant to the project... Each lesson features questions and life issues and relevant Bible passages that will encourage the participants to interact with one another and the teacher. Another notable quality of the volume is that each writer is fully committed to a strictly fundamental interpretation of the Bible. Each lesson is written as part of the whole, which attests to the competency of the authors in arranging various subjects on a common thread. This new volume will serve as a valuable weekend companion to all who want to learn more about Jesus and His church. I am confident that this new Christian education tool will be received with great enthusiasm."
Professor Ezhamkulam. C. Samkutty, Ph.D., Southern University, Louisiana.

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